A boozy sparkle in a wine tray

INR 4,850

For the love of Madeira (alcohol), the wine glass tray is designed with a sunken-in circle to hold your wine bottle and a long groove will hold your glasses upright. It makes its home as a centrepiece on a bar counter beside flickering candlelight.

Aiyana Kaari

A wine glass holder: The perfect centrepiece

INR 8,850

In earthy cork with a mirror inlay, this compact wine stand features six smooth grooves to hold your wine glasses upright. Use it as a centerpiece for when you're entertaining at home, with wine and cheese on the menu. Always, always dress the stand with delicate glasses, and the glasses with crimson wine.


Coasters engraved with dreamy overhanging balconies

INR 2,450

Crafted in cork (3mm), this set of six coasters resemble Rajasthan's signature overhang of balconies, reminiscent of dreams and aspirations that linger in silence from days past. Perfect for special occasions at home, use them to supplement your tableware, or to dress a bar with something of an opulent touch.

Kile aur kahaniyaan

Stone forts come to life with fairy-tale placemats

INR 1,250 a piece

India's magnificent forts — Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Red Fort — feature on these engraved placemats (8mm), each of which works beautifully as a set in itself, or as a mix-and-match of pieces. Pair these with the Jharoka coasters for a table setting that tells a enchanting story of forts and fortitude.


Tea Tray: The revealing arches.

INR 3,650

This tea tray will find its place in breezy evenings with your closest companions. The set of six coasters double up as saucers for your teacup, and slide out of their earthy grooves to reveal their arches.


A chiaroscuro bookstand

INR 7,450

With embellishments of architectural significance, this weighty bookstand figures into every home with equal ease. Fill it with your favourite books and zines, and always keep your Minar bookmarks within arm's reach. Faintly reminiscent of India's step-wells, this bookstand strikes the perfect balance between form and function.


Even bookmarks tell a story

INR 275 a piece

In a serendipitous encounter, India's stone minarets — Char Minar, Jhulta Minar, Qutub Minar — find their way onto tall bookmarks that'll slip into the pages of any book. Keep them safely tucked away in your favourite book, whether you're reading on long flights, or you're sweetly settled at home.

Buland Darwaza

Imposing doorways on a laptop cover

INR 4,250

Lightweight but sturdy, this laptop cover features a flap that will snugly envelope your laptop. The past and the present align, with engravings of age-old doorways and contemporary form. Tuck it into your carry-on or carry it as a clutch.


A bag fashioned after a lock

INR 6,200

With this bag, we're turning common metaphors about privacy amusingly literal. In sturdy cork, this bag features a nifty handle, and an enclosure that's roomy enough to hold all your belongings, whether you're stepping out for the day, or joing family for dinner under the night sky.


Charm your glass

The silver rings on these delicate wine (or champagne) glass charms clasp lightly onto the stem of your glass, and the cork arches engraved as imposing doorways will remind you which one's yours. Save them for more buttoned-up affairs, and twinkle through the night.